Work experience

2010.04.01 – […] – Elsta Sp. z o.o., Chief Technology Officer – responsible for product development for the mining industry, supervision of Software and Hardware Design Departments. Management of the team of engineers, software developers, Q&A team. Responsible for the research and employment plans in the specified area for the company.

2009.02.01 – 2010.03.31 – Unicard S.A., Chief Technology Officer – supervision of Software and Hardware Design Departments. Management of the team of engineers, software developers, Q&A team. Responsible for the research and employment plans in the specified area for the company.

2006.03.01 – 2009.01.31 – Unicard S.A., Software Department Manager – supervision of software development process. Management of the team of applications and embedded systems developers along with the Q&A team. Taking care of the department budget. Technical Project Manager for releases of UniKD, UniPerso, UniCoder software along with SDK’s for Unicard hardware projects. Project manager for new access control and time attendance devices.

2004.07.15 – 2006.02.28 – Unicard S.A – Cracow – software department, lead software developer

2003.06.01 – 2004.06.30 – Unicard S.A. – Cracow – software department, software developer – regular cooperation

2001.12.01 – 2006.01.31-  Wipnet/Dawmar companies in Chelmek – installation and maintenance of internet connection (Polpak-T – Frame Relay, InternetDSL). Hardware router configuration (Planet, 3Com, Cisco). Creation of internet sharing and accounting system for individual clients (also integration with company’s wireless networks). Management of company internet servers – GNU/Linux web/mail/sql servers.

2000.07.01 – 2002.03.01 firm LoLo in Oświęcim – Installation and maintenance of Polpak-T (Frame Relay) network connections. Hardware routers configuration (Terayon/France) and advanced software routing (Linux ipchains/iptables) in company network with QoS for individual clients. Responsibility for planning and further development of network infrastructure. Management of company internet servers – GNU/Linux with web/main/shell account for individual and institutional clients.

Training periods;

2002 – Unicard S.A – software developer

2003 – Kamsoft Sp z o.o. – software developer

Education and training

2004 – 2008 – Stationary PhD Study Course – AGH-UST (University of Science and Technology), Cracow. Department of Electronics – field of study: advanced thermal aspects of VLSI circuits. Doctorate thesis: „Asynchronous steering of thermal modules activity in SoC systems”. End of study planned on 4th quarter of 2008.

13.09.2004 – Defense of Master’s thesis at AGH University, Cracow – grade 6 – excellent. Overall University grade – 5 – very good. Thesis: „Temperature prediction on VLSI circuits”.

2004 – Socrates/Erasmus scholarship at the Ghent University/Belgium. M.A. Thesis made under supervision of prof. Gilbert De Mey (UGent, Belgium) and prof. Andrzej Kos (AGH, Cracow). M.A. Thesis topic: “Temperature Prediction on VLSI circuits” in English. Master Thesis preparation at Ghent University grade: A – excellent.

1999 – 2004 – Academy of Science and Technology (former Academy of Mining and Metallurgy) in Cracow, faculty Electrotechnics, Automatics, Computer Science and Electronics, major study Electronics and Telecommunication. Computer science grades during study – excellent.

1995 – 1999 – Adam Mickiewicz III’rd High School in Katowice. High School Diploma – grades very good and excellent. Average grade from High School : 5.15 (1- fail, 6- excellent)

Language skills:

1)First Certificate in English (grade B).

2)Zertyfikat Deutch (TELC, Goethe Institut) grade 1 (excellent)

Social skills and competences

  • non smoking
  • prepared to work flexible hours, punctuality, commitment in assigned tasks
  • good resistance on stress
  • ability to work in team

Organisational skills and competences

Working as a Department Manager. During work at Unicard S.A. author of new software development department. Constant management of group of 15 developers. Sub-teams: embedded systems, win32 application team, Q&A team. Constant cooperation with student teams (6-10 students). Ability to keep teams motivated and agile. Ability to manage teams and work together with them on the implementation details. Constant improvement of management skills. Emphasis on delivering products on time with constantly increasing quality.

Technical skills and competences

Project management methodologies:

  • PRINCE2 – practical usage, PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate
  • Agile – Feature/Test Driven Development, SCRUM – practical
  • PMI – basic knowledge of methodology with the guide of PMBok (’04)


  • ISO 9001 – process definition for Software Dept. at Unicard S.A.

Software engineering:

  • design patterns – knowledge and practical usage of design patterns in software related projects
  • UML – practical knowledge of UML 2.0
  • project analysis, business process definition for all projects at Unicard S.A.

Operating systems’ knowledge:

  • GNU/Linux – very good – knowledge of main stream of Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware, Red Hat, Mandrake) with extensions like GrSec, NSA SELinux etc. Using linux as main operating system at home computers since 1999. Server software – www/dns/mail/sql etc., software routing and QoS with iproute2
  • Microsoft Windows (Client side) – very good
  • Microsoft Server/Advanced Server – basic

Knowledge of programming languages:

  • C/C++ – very good – experience in Win32 software development – Borland C++ Builder, for Unix – GTK+/2.0 and QT applications, console applications using ncurses library, excellence in Borland Software Platform (VCL, dbExpress, ibExpress etc.), basic knowledge of Visual Studio
  • Python – good – main interests in pygtk interaction, Django web framework contributor
  • SQL – good – using during development various commercial and free RDBMS: Interbase/Firebird, MS SQL. Basic knowledge of MySQL and PostgreSQL. Good knowledge of MS SQL Reporting Services development.
  • Basic knowledge “Can Do”: perl, php, awk, sed, bash, vhdl/cupl

Hardware related:

  • proximity card specifications (Mifare, Indala, Unique, HID) and usage
  • access control systems specifications
  • Verifone V/Vx terminal
  • ARM7/9, AVR microcontrollers
  • Thermal management in VLSI chips
  • Usage of Fluent CFD software

Usability/User Interface design:

  • Practical knowledge of design of Microsoft Windows User Interface Guidelines, knowledge of Gnome HIG 2.0
  • Author of UI guidelines for Unicard S.A. software projects

Quality & Assurance/Testing

  • practical knowledge of unit testing (tut framework)
  • functional/behavioral testing (AutomatedQA TestComplete)

Projects involved

Software related:

  • The main architect and developer for the UniKD and the UniPerso projects. The main developer of ca. 15 less sophisticated software and hardware projects for Unicard S.A. All of the software has been successfully deployed in commercial environment ( 2004-2007
  • During training period in Kamsoft/Katowice – development of Borland components for mainstream of Kamsoft’s products. Development of internal accounting system for keys/books/cars rental – Oracle DB with Borland client and bar code readers – 2003
  • During training period in Unicard/Cracow – service software development – mainly developed for work-time registration units.
  • Many open source programs – simple games, Gui for console applications etc, primary version of polish lingua component for OpenOffice, GnuGadu (gadu-gadu client) developer. Contributor to Django Python web framework
  • Author of ‘The Tactics’ web site – daily news from Tactical Shooter games (Counter-Strike/ Strike Force etc.) – 2001/2002 (currently suspended)

Unicard S.A:

Technical lead manager for software part of projects:

  • Polish Electronic Student Card (ELS) – 2006-2007
  • Electronic Town Card (KKM/KKT)- MPK Kraków – 2007
  • Wesołe miasteczko – WPKiW Chorzów – 2007
  • Hardware units (SD-2600, UniTicket7) – 2006-2007
  • UniKD/UniPerso – 2003-2007
  • Supervision of all software projects/modifications designed for client

Paper publication

  • „Increase responsiveness of the access control monitoring application using asynchronous web transfer and the Google Web Toolkit technology” Sławomir MIKUŁA, Source Tools of information technology : proceedings of the 1st conference : Rzeszów, Poland 15 September 2006 / ed. Andrzej Kos ; Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki i Zarządzania w Rzeszowie. — [Rzeszów : s. n.], cop. 2006. — S. 42–47. — Bibliogr. s. 47, Abstr.
  • Using GNU Scientific Library for temperature computation in VLSI systems” Sławomir MIKUŁA, Andrzej KOS SourceTools of information technology : proceedings of the 1st conference : Rzeszów, Poland 15 September 2006 / ed. Andrzej Kos ; Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki i Zarządzania w Rzeszowie. — [Rzeszów : s. n.], cop. 2006. — S. 88–94. — Bibliogr. s. 93–94, Abstr.
  • Asynchronous control of modules activity in integrated systems for reducing peak temperatures / Sławomir MIKUŁA, Gilbert De Mey, Andrzej KOS // Integration (Amsterdam. Print) ; ISSN 0167-9260. — 2008 vol. 41 s. 447–458. — Bibliogr. s. 457–458, Abstr.
  • Analysis of point heating time in VLSI circuits / S. MIKUŁA, A. KOS // W: MIXDES 2008 : MIXed DESign of integrated circuits and systems : proceedings of the 15th international conference : Poznań, Poland, 19–21 June, 2008 / ed. Andrzej Napieralski. — Łódź : Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science, Technical University of Łódź, cop. 2008 + CD-ROM. — ISBN 83-922632-7-8. — S. 311–316. — Bibliogr. s. 316, Abstr.
  • Asynchronous Control of Multi-Core Systems / Slawomir Mikula and Andrzej Kos / AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland. 04. 2009, XII Coolchips Conference, Yokohama, Japan
  • Thermal Dynamics of Multi-Core Integrated Systems, Mikuła S., Kos A., IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging Technologies, accepted for publication, manuscript number TCPT-2008-212.R4, DOI 10.1109/TCAPT.2009.2038169


  • “Wpływ komunikacji na funkcjonowanie firmy” – 14.03.2007 – Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości, Kraków
  • “System zarządzania jakością wg ISO 9001” – 5.09.2007 – Polska, Archman, CTI, Kraków
  • „Zarządzanie czasem” 09.05.2007 – Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości, Kraków
  • “Przygotowanie Project Managera według metodyki PRINCE2 ZPPR2/PM1” – 19-21.12.2007 Altkom Akademia, Kraków
  • “Zarządzanie zasobami ludzkimi” – 18-19.02.2008, Małopolski Instytut Samorządu Terytorialnego I Administracji, Kraków
  • “Modelowanie rozwiązań informatycznych w UML 2.0 EFS/UML2k” – 25-29.02.2008 Altkom Akademia, Kraków
  • “Przygotowanie do certyfikacji PRINCE2 Foundation EFS/PR2F” – 21-23.04.2008, Altkom Akademia, Kraków
  • “Zarządzanie projektami według metodyki PRINCE2”, 21-23.04.2008, CRM S.A., Kraków
  • “Support to SME’s for the implementation of the New and Global Approach directives” – workshop “Technical documentations according to the New and Global Approach” – 13-14.05.2008, EU Project PL2005/IB/EC-01, Cracow, Poland
  • „Zasady modelowania procesów biznesowych na potrzeby budowy systemów informatycznych BPMN”, 13-15.06.2011, Altkom Akademia, Kraków


  • PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate, Exam passed on 23.04.2008, Reg no. P2R/282940

Other skills and competences

  • Military category A. Moved in the 2004 to the reserve in the rank of private.
  • Granted permission to access non-public information labeled with the ‘confidential’ label for a period till 2016.

Driving licence

Driving license (category B) from 1997.


Working with the Open Source community on software development and assistance with software language translation – part of translation team of many small/medium size software projects, political fiction literature, macro-photography and scenery photography, classical and latin-american dance, volleyball and other recreational sports.