CardMan 4000 PCSCD or OPENCT/OPENSC Configuration


This page shows preliminary introduction to the OmniKey CardMan 4000 installation guide on the Ubuntu Karmic Coala+ linux distribution.

About the device

  • The OmniKey CardMad 4000 is a simple PCMCIA Smart Card Reader. Additional information can be found on the OmniKey Product Page, which lists only the newer product CardMan 4040. In order to operate correctly, one must have installed omnikey kernel driver. In the Ubuntu Karmic Koala the module is available in standard distribution. The module has name cm4000_cs. It should be automatically loaded after PCMCIA card insertion.
  • Next thing is to download the module installer for the device from the link: HID Global. After downloading the cm4000_installer_v2_4_0_src.tar.gz package extract the library to the /usr/lib/pcsc/drivers location.


  • create the cm4000 file in the /etc/reader.conf.d directory with the following content:
# Configuration file for CardMan 4000 smartcard reader.
FRIENDLYNAME “OMNIKEY CardMan 4000 Socket 0”
DEVICENAME /dev/cmm0
LIBPATH /usr/lib/pcsc/drivers/
  • start pcscd daemon: /etc/init.d/pcscd start
  • that’s all – it should now works !


  • enable the driver in the /etc/openct.conf file:
reader cm4000 {
driver = cm4000;
device = pcmcia:/dev/cmm0;
  • start openct daemon: /etc/init.d/openct start
  • that’s all – it should now works !
Please bear in mind, that only one daemon have to be turned on.