This is a simple extension for the Epiphany web browser. It allows to trigger actions like Blogger Blog This or Google Bookmark It with a single keystroke. It’s a very simple variation of Delicious Plugin by Ross Burton (burtonini.com).


Unpack provided below archive. Execute command “make install”. Restart epiphany and enable plugin in the ‘tools’ menu. That’s all. Everything should work just fine !


By default extensions uses Ctrl+1 and Ctrl+2 for the shortcuts. It is trivial to change these values:

  • Open python module (bloggerpost.py or gbookmarkpost.py)
  • Find action definition and change provided shortcut (Ctrl+1) to the one, which best fit You. Most shortcuts, which are accepted by gtk_accelerator_parse() function. Eg. Shift+Alt+1 etc.


  • 0.1 – inital release
  • 0.2 – 2008/05/17 – compatible with Epiphany 2.22