LCD Monitor – 5.25″ bay fan/temperature monitor


Hardware designed on 4th year of study at AGH-UST University.  This piece of hardware art (at that point of my studies) has to:

  • monitor fan speed (two types: with metering pin, and without – just with current monitoring)
  • monitor temperatures in different points of PC case
  • display information on LCD display
  • configuration through USB interface
  • ability to display various information on the LCD display directly from the PC

Current state

As this project was developed during my studies, and after that i haven’t got much time to work on it further this elements has been checked and tested:

  • USB enumeration
  • USB connectivity
  • LCD display
  • USB bulk transfer
  • linux kernel driver for this device
  • XMMS plugin for displaying music information directly on the LCD display


Design is described in the following document. Disclaimer: All documents are in Polish (study project on polish University).


Hardware layout is designed using Protel 99.


For testing purposes two pieces of software were developed, kernel driver for LcdMon hardware, and XMMS plugin for displaying purposes.

Kernel driver

Source included. Compiling straight forward. Tested on 2.4.x kernel family.

XMMS plugin

Source included. Needs XMMS development files.