Runshell Deskbar Handler


Plugin (handler) for the deskbar applet. Usage allows to run shell scripts from specified folder. Installation is simple and easy.

My use case

During my work on Linux i’ve got some scripts for automation of some of my work. For example automatic update of all subversion repositories of projects, on whom i’m working, synchronizing my calendard with SyncML client etc. Normally i’ve got to open terminal window, ‘cd’ into desired directory and run the file. Now i can type script name in the deskbar search field and choose appropriate one.

Planned features

  • more UI polish (more defines ?)


Extract files from the archive and copy it to the deskbar handler catalog:

  • in HOME directory .gnome2/deskbar-applet/handlers/
  • in global directory /usr/lib/deskbar-applet/handlers/
  • or use provided makefile (make install) – it will copy to the user directory. Remember to have write access to this dir



Search results (found 2 scripts)


0.1 – first public version (2007/08/15)

2.20.1 – new version with Deskbar 2.20 API compatible (2008/01/28)

2.22.1 – small change dealing with new requirement method in deskbar